Doing Business in Oman

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Our doing business guide provides an overview of how to access this market and its opportunities.

Consistently high oil prices mean that Oman’s economy, like the rest of the Gulf, is very strong and continues to grow year on year. Record budget surpluses are adding impetus to Oman’s ongoing infrastructure and industrial development programme.

What are the Opportunities?

Britain has enjoyed a formal trading relationship with Oman for over 350 years and is Oman’s ninth largest source of imports. British goods and services are well known and well received. A long-term approach and a high level of business loyalty are essential for successful market penetration and for sustaining market share.

The Government of Oman is committed to public spending and all the planned projects under the current five year plan (2011-2015) are going ahead as scheduled. These large infrastructure and developmental projects are in different stages of progress and all offer opportunities for UK companies.

FCO political and economic updates

FCO updates for Oman will keep you up-to-date with major political and economic issues relating to Oman.

Guide to Doing Business in Oman

UKTI has produced a guide aimed at companies experienced in overseas trade who are new to doing business with Oman. This guide aims to provide a route map of the way ahead, together with signposts to sources of help.

  • Introduction

  • Preparing to Export

  • How to do Business

  • What are the challenges

  • Business Etiquette

  • How to invest in Oman

  • Contacts

Read the Oman doing business guide.

Sector Briefings

For information on your sector in Oman including characteristics of the market, opportunities and key contacts, please check out the latest sector briefings.

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