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Doing Business in Kuwait Guide

The Doing Business in Kuwait Guide is an ideal introduction into the Kuwaiti market, providing you with a basic knowledge of Kuwait’s economic, social and political background, language and cultural references and importantly, potential business opportunities; how to approach them, how to conduct your initial market research, advice on entering the market, best practice, visa and travel information, product documentation, employment and risk management.

Produced by International Market Advisor (IMA) in association with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and supported by the Middle East Association and the British Business Forum Kuwait (BBF Kuwait), the Doing Business in Kuwait Guide opens with an introductory foreword from Frank Baker, HM Ambassador to Kuwait, a welcome message from the Head of UK Trade & Investment, Martin Hall and an introduction from the Chairman of the British Business Forum (BBF) Kuwait, Paul McKay. The ‘Resources’ section also provides a large list of contacts, useful links, together with trade show and event dates and details.

The Guide is sponsored by 10 industry specific Market Experts, all providing valuable services which will undoubtedly be required at some point in your venture. Market Experts include:

The Doing Business in Kuwait Guide is the quintessential starting point for new exporters entering in to the Kuwaiti market!

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Countries: Kuwait
Topics: Finance, Getting Started, Legislation & Regulation, Market Research, Operations, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, and Transport & Logistics
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