Doing Business in Kuwait

There are many opportunities for UK Business in Kuwait. UKTI provide a wealth of information and guidance on doing business in Kuwait.

This includes:

  • Doing Business Guide (see below)

  • UKTI report which showcases High Value Opportunities in Kuwait (see below)

  • Sector Briefings

  • FCO Country Updates

  • Overseas Business Risk information

What are the Opportunities?

Opportunities in Kuwait for British companies are in:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Financial Services

  • Construction

  • Education & Training

  • Power

  • Environment

  • Aviation

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

Guide to Doing Business in Kuwait

International Market Advisor (IMA) in association with UKTI have designed a guide to provide you with a basic knowledge about the country, an explanation of the way businesses operate within the Kingdom and other useful information.

View the Kuwait Doing Business Guide

Working together to support Kuwait’s Development Plan

UK companies are well placed to secure significant business from the numerous development opportunities which the Kuwaiti Government has planned for the next few years. Find out more in this UKTI report in Related Documents which showcases High Value Opportunities available to UK businesses in Kuwait.

Working together to support Kuwait’s Development Plan

Sector Briefings

For information on your sector in Kuwait including, opportunities and key contacts, please check out our latest sector briefings.

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