Doing business in Greece

Greece is an EU Member State with a population of 11 million with good access to the Balkan and countries around the Black Sea. Greece is currently the UK’s 39th largest export market, with exports in goods worth £1.1bn (2011). The UK is Greece’s 8th largest export market at £645m (2011) and links between the two countries are strong. There are close educational and cultural links between UK and Greece and British products and services do well.

What are the opportunities?

The Greek Government has agreed to implement a painful but long overdue restructuring of the public sector and also privatise public utilities in order to raise an additional €50bn revenue by 2015. UK consultants, law firms and auditors are already involved in the first phase of privatisations.

Shipping is the healthiest and most dynamic sector of the Greek economy, representing almost 8% of GDP. Greek ship-owners control the world’s largest merchant fleet, involved internationally in the cargo and passenger trades. There are traditionally strong links between the Greece based shipping Community and the City of London.

Greek students form the 9th biggest population of overseas students in UK universities. English is widely spoken and taught at all education levels in Greece. We believe that there are further opportunities in vocational training and lifelong learning.

As with any overseas business activity, companies should plan ahead to mitigate any potential difficulties, seeking advice from trade associations, legal and financial experts.

Overseas Business Risk

Read our report giving more details of overseas business risk in relation to Greece.

This covers:

  • Political and economic background

  • Bribery & corruption

  • Terrorism threat

  • Protective security advice

  • Intellectual property

  • Organised crime

Guide to doing business in Greece

UKTI has produced a guide aimed at companies experienced in overseas trade who are new to doing business with Greece. This guide aims to provide a route map of the way ahead, together with signposts to sources of help.

  • Introduction

  • Preparing to export to Greece

  • How to do business in Greece

  • Business etiquette, language and culture

  • What are the challenges?

  • How to invest in Greece

  • Contacts

  • Resources / Useful links

Sector briefing

For information on your sector in Greece including opportunities, events and key contacts, please check out the latest sector briefings.

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