Digital advertising methods French people hate !

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No exception here, French consumers are the targets of numerous advertising campaigns, both online and offline. With the Internet and new mobile marketing tools, communication opportunities towards consumers are rising, and it’s hard to determine which better tool to use to address potential clients. As globalization works, trends in France are quite similar to those elsewhere, but some specificities remain. Here is a quick list of where NOT to invest your advertisement budget if you are trying to reach French consumers digitally.


– Vocal emails on an answering machines, 54%*

– Full page advertisement pop-ups when opening a website or application, 50%

– Video advertisement played before Youtube videos, 44%


– Text or MMS advertisement received on their mobile phones, 48%
– Advertisement banners on internet that open with a click (and that you usually didn’t mean to click), 20%
– Promotional emails sent on personal inboxes, 27%


– Outdoor digital billboards, 58 %
– Flashcodes that enable you to get more information, 57 %
– Paid search results in search engines, like Google Adword, 48 %

So where should you invest your money to reach French consumers? Here are the 4 prefered ways French people like to get commercial information in the digital world

– Online product catalogue, 47 %
– Corporate website of the company, 42 %
– Organic search results in search engine, 24 %
– Corporate mobile application, 23 %

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Nowadays, digital communication is crucial, and you need to make sure you make the right choices to reach your potential customers. Consumers are getting picky on how and when they like to be addressed, and French consumers have their preferred habits. When defining your media planning, also consider “old-school” tools, such as paper mail (France’s favourite advertisement material), TV (costly but effective on brand image), or radio, billboards and theatre ads.

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* Numbers are based on the results of a survey made by IFOP and Bonial in December 2013

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