Dealing with cultural issues

When you get started in international trade you’ll find there are lots of things to think about. Some of them, like getting your documentation right, you’ll learn quickly while others, like dealing with cultural issues, will take longer to master.

Developing a good working relationship with your customers and suppliers is essential – it minimises the risks involved in getting your goods delivered and getting paid. Simple good manners and polite behaviour work all around the world so they are a good place to start – conducting business overseas should be no different to dealing with UK customers in this respect. But, of course, there is more to learn. If you can demonstrate an understanding and awareness of your chosen country’s culture, be it social or business, your customers and suppliers will hold you in much higher regard and be more open to any deals you offer.

Do your research and become as familiar as possible with the country in which you are going to trade. UKTI can help you overcome many of the barriers to doing business overseas.

Good communication and negotiation will lead to agreement on crucial issues such as trade terms and your choice of currency for payment. Ultimately, it can be the key to obtaining delivery and payment terms that are most advantageous to you and help you become successful in international trade.

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