Data driving innovation in UK Life Sciences

UK science is informed by real world data and information, from bioresources to anonymised patient records, clinical practice, and outcomes data.

Enabled by the National Health System and anonymised electronic patient records, your business will have access to unrivalled, clinically-coded health data, including linked datasets offering a unique opportunity to understand care pathways.

The NHS’s rich output of data can help drive innovation of your business’ technology and services by monitoring effectiveness, performance and value of the product through from primary, secondary and tertiary care in routine clinical practice. This enables your business to create clearer pricing and market access planning strategies and to undertake the required post launch benefit/risk requirements. The UK continues to improve the access and use of data as it establishes an integrated healthcare economy.

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National Centre for Mental Health in Wales partners with IDBS

The National Centre for Mental Health in Wales has partnered with UK-based company IDBS to create a data management platform that will be used to improve the understanding of mental health genetics and treatment. The centre, hosted by Cardiff University, has established the Wales Mental Health Network which is recruiting 6,000 volunteers over the next two years and will capture more than 300 clinical attributes for each person, including their medical history, family history, medication and therapy.

The installation of IDBS’ platform will integrate clinical, biobanking and genetic data, providing a data management and analytics system for this and future studies. The platform will unify patient, sample and genetic results ensuring consistent analysis across the varied and complex data sets involved.

Medical Research Council leads on awarding funds to E-health Research Centres

A consortium of 10 UK government and charity research funders led by the Medical Research Council (MRC) has awarded £19m to four E-health Research Centres based in London, Manchester, Dundee and Swansea. The aim is to develop more effective treatments, improve drug safety, identify risks to public health and gain insight into the cause and development of

Key Fact

UK Biobank is a unique resource of data and samples linked to health records from half a million participants that will help researchers to determine the role of nature and nurture in health and disease.

diseases by linking anonymised patient records and health research data. In addition the centres will train the next generation of researchers to have the skills to analyse and link large and complex data. The Centres will work together as a network, collaborating with pharma and IT industries to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of global medical research.

For further information on the UK’s ability to utilise data to drive healthcare innovation please read the new UK Life Science Prospectus which can be downloaded here.

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