Creating a Happy Healthy Workforce: Key to Your Success

With busy lives and demanding schedules, it can be all too easy to spend well in excess of the contracted 38 hours a week in the office. If you are a manager of a hardworking team who simply cannot fit any more hours into the week, maybe it is time to consider how you can improve the efficiency of your staff during their working hours rather than requesting even more overtime to meet deadlines.

Health and work performance are directly related, yet so often busy workers enjoy some of the poorest diets as they snack on high fat high calorie carbs and sugar fixes to get through the day. However nutrition has become the focus of the 21st century for many institutions, with many organisations such as schools, hospitals and now offices rethinking their catering options.

Getting more of the good stuff

It has been widely documented for many years how eating fruit will make you look and feel better, but how can this be beneficial for your office? Scientific research has revealed that including a variety of fruits in your diet can help reduce anxiety and stress, which can affect communication and interpersonal skills, so therefore a healthy balanced diet can promote better teamwork and greater efficiency.

If you are considering offering your valued team members fresh fruit to boost their productivity, you might not fancy the trip to the grocery store three times a week. There are specialist office fruit delivery companies which you can check out, one being the website Fruitful Office. A company like this will deliver a wide selection of mood boosting fruit baskets direct to your door.

Is it really worth the bother?

Fruit provides essential vitamins and minerals that are vital to the body’s core function, as well as helping your cells to ward off bacteria and viruses. Stress and fatigue brought on through hectic schedules and frequent deadlines can take their toll, so by fortifying your body with great nutrition boosted by extra fruit, you will be assisting your cells in the repair and restoration of any damage sustained.

In addition to being physically active as much as possible, a great diet is a key part to being healthy at work, so if you want to keep your staff in the office and reduce absences due to sickness, it may be worth looking at investing in fruit for your office.

The recommended portions of fruit and vegetable eaten daily is five handfuls to provide the nutrients and vitamins necessary to ward off free radicals, however in urban environments such as towns and cities where offices are usually based, the requirement for free radical protection is far greater.

Fruit is a great snacking option at work, as it is easy to eat on the go and provides a much needed glucose boost for without the additional calories of chocolate and sweets. Eating fruit also prevent employees from feeling heavy and sluggish after a carb heavy meal at lunch time, which can in turn dramatically affect the outward demeanour and mental wellbeing.

And if that doesn’t tempt you…

Recent studies showed that many employees would prefer to work for a company that places great value and emphasis on health and well-being, as this makes them feel more valued as a team member which in turn can lead to higher levels of productivity.

Specific fruits have incredible health benefits that can vastly improve the efficiency of your employees, such as antioxidant rich plums that are known to help preserve memory function. Hand held peaches and nectarines are an excellent source of potassium, which is known to help balance the nervous system, making it a perfect snack to eat to counteract the stresses and strains of a busy day in the office.

Oranges are a great source of vitamin C which is vital to help boost and maintain your immune system, and this is very important in air conditioned office environments where viruses and bacteria are constantly recycled. Offices can be a perfect breeding ground for coughs and colds so boosting your staff with fresh fruit can help to keep illnesses at bay.

Apples are fabulous for employees who spend considerable amounts of time at the computer screen as they are rich in Vitamin A, a vitamin that can significantly boost and improve your vision. Plus, they require no peeling or preparation, making them just perfect for snacking on the move. Of course, any fruit supplied to your office must be easy to eat at the desk or on the go, therefore why not consider requesting apples, oranges or nectarines for your department?

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