China’s Middle Income Consumers – A report by CBBC

This report is for UK companies entering or expanding in China who may have already heard a lot about headline trends of China’s rapid economic growth, urbanization and growing middle income population.

It has been compiled through interviews on the ground across CBBC’s unparalleled network of 13 offices in China, and is supported by member interviews with key UK players in China: Burberry, University of Nottingham, Mintel, Savills and B&Q.

It goes beyond the key headline facts often reported to highlight the increasing diversity, complexities and opportunities in targeting China’s middle income consumers, and addresses some potential business opportunities for UK companies. It looks specifically at certain sectors, including luxury retail, e-commerce, healthcare, education, property, automotive, leisure and entertainment, and travel and tourism.

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Sectors: Automotive, Healthcare & Medical, Leisure & Tourism, and Wholesale & Retail
Countries: China, England, Great Britain, and United Kingdom
Topics: Getting Started
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