CBBC Webinar – 10 things you must know before importing goods into China

The China-Britain Business (CBBC) holds regular webinars giving practical advice for companies doing business with China. Find out more at www.cbbc.org

In this session, CBBC member, Andy Clayton, CEO of LNP China, will present a webinar on “an inside track to importing goods into China”. Brand Britain is becoming increasingly popular amongst a growing middle class in China, who have demonstrated a clear appetite for innovative British services and goods. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for British industry. However, identifying the market is the easy part. Getting your goods into China, can prove a lot more challenging. Once you have a WFOE, or agent, in place to move your goods into China, you will have to deal with Chinese Customs. If you’re operating for the first time, then you need the inside track on how the system works.

In this webinar, Andy will cover topics including:
– HS Codes
– Ports
– Customs Clearance agents
– Getting documentation right
– Timing

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Andy runs LNP China, who manage back office functions, including import/export for Western firms in China. They have managed over GBP20m of sales for Western companies in China, and have been operating import/export for 8 years.

Topics: Customs Procedures, Documentation, Export Licences, Export Planning, and Taxation
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