Case study: Duke of Delhi

This case study of Duke of Delhi – a chocolate and biscuit selling business – shows how you can go from humble biscuit company to global enterprise.

Duke of Delhi was started by siblings Asif and Nasrin in 2012. Initially selling their creations at their local community market in Wallington, Duke of Delhi now exports to eight countries across the world with exports accounting for 50% of their sales.

Inspired by their love of Indian Nankhatai biscuits, or semolina biscuits, from their childhood, Asif and Nasrin embarked on a journey that would see this humble biscuit take on new and exciting flavours.

In addition to biscuits, they began to create Bombay Mix chocolate bars and innovative Bombay mixes with orange, honeycomb and chocolate. The Duke of Delhi currently exports to seven countries including Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Australia, France and Sweden, and is looking to export to Malaysia, Germany and Dubai in the near future.

How to sell chocolate

Asif Walli, Co-founder of Duke of Delhi said: “When we started selling our biscuits, we didn’t envisage that we would be exporting to eight countries across the globe within three years. Currently we only export our chocolate bars, but we will also be exporting our Bombay mixes within the next few months which I hope will boost our exports even further.”

Sectors: Food & Drink
Countries: India
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