Building up to Anuga 2015 with Walker’s Nonsuch

Ahead of this year’s Anuga fair, two companies shared their experiences and tips for making the most of this annual food and drink showpiece.

The second case study is Walker’s Nonsuch.

Walker’s Nonsuch is one of England’s finest and oldest traditional toffee-makers, based in the Potteries near Stoke on Trent.

Walker’s Nonsuch’s Experiences of Anuga

For Walkers, who usually exhibit at confectionery focussed shows, Anuga is a unique experience. It’s huge and inspiring seeing foods from all over the word. There’s so much to see and take in and just by looking around and talking with fellow exhibitors and customers, you can learn a lot.

Seeing how others present products, looking at packaging , displays and the marketing can give you ideas for how you can improve your own presentation. There could be some ideas you can adapt to suit your own business. There may be obstacles that you have experienced that others have overcome , leaving you with new options.
2015 will be our 4th year. It suits us biannually as the cost is split over two years and in the year out we can do something different. We have our main exhibition ISM every year where we have regular review meetings. However, having Anuga in the calendar means we can pencil in an extra review meeting with current customers.
We have also found over the years , that we have met customers from different countries to the ones we meet at ISM and we meet different types of customers – for example some direct retailers rather than distributors.
It’s a perfect opportunity to really show off your products on the stand and the buyers are coming to you! It may seem a big outlay to pay for a stand and the expenses whilst in Koln, but it is a show that does attract serious buyers from literally all over the world and you only need that one customer that can make it really worthwhile.

The Anuga Effect

Anuga has been very beneficial to us over the years. The PS8 team have always been very supportive and together we have improved the stand over the years. Some things come with experience and after the show you can look back and take what was successful from the show and where you can improve for next time. I think you have to be prepared to go to a show at least 3 times to build up a relationship with visiting customers. We have a couple of very successful distributors with whom for the first few years we solely chatted to in the aisle but eventually we started trading and the business is substantial.

Tips for Anuga this year

  • Preparation is everything.
  • What are you looking to achieve from attending the show?
  • Identify markets you are specifically targeting. Research and invite customers to your stand.
  • Design of the stand is key. Make sure you are getting the right message to the customer, so that it is clear and simple.
  • Current products you are taking and any new opportunities that you could trial there and get customers feedback.
  • Ensure all packaging meets the new FIR regulations.
  • Have specification sheets for each product line to include packaging, product dimensions, and pallet configurations.
  • Get Price List ready.
  • Literature on your company and business cards.
  • Plenty of tasting samples.
  • Building up to Anuga 2015 at Open to Export

    This piece is part of Open to Export’s buildup to Anuga 2015. Check out our full guide to Anuga 2015 and our other case study with Nairn’s Oatcakes for more information and tips.

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