Building Offshore Wind in England

Businesses have several important criteria when assessing new countries to locate to or expand in. Choosing England as a location provides access to hundreds of years of world leading technology, research & development (R&D) and engineering excellence.

England already hosts many of the world’s major companies due to its beneficial tax regime, labour laws, strong economy and government which supports business investment. England is a logistics hub to the world with excellent connections by road, rail, air and sea. From our port sites you can gain easy access to the UK’s offshore wind Rounds 1, 2 and 3 developments as well as the wider European market.

England has attracted key players in the offshore wind market and is looking to build its supply chain to service projects in UK and European waters.

This brochure provides details of the six Centres for Offshore Renewable Engineering (COREs) in England identified as having optimum conditions for the offshore wind industry with the land, infrastructure, skills and supply chain expertise required to take advantage of the world’s largest engineering opportunity.

Download the Building Offshore Wind in England publication (PDF)

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