Attracting New Business through an Overseas Exhibition

Depending on your business agenda for the year, there may not be a time when more eyes are on your company than at an exhibition. If you are a firm that relies on a small number of large deals, rather than courting customers for the short term, an exhibition overseas can provide the perfect platform to press flesh and enjoy some valuable face to face time with potential international business leads.

That’s why your exhibition stand can be so important in creating the right impression at an exhibition show, as attendees are likely to see your stand before they meet you, and decide from then whether to approach you or not. It should tell passers-by who your company is, and also make it an attractive space for them to walk into.

Exhibition Stand Design

The way your exhibition stand is designed warrants a lot of consideration. How about the event itself? Is it likely to be a formal, reserved affair? Just because it is, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for a design that is totally ‘outside the box’, as it will almost certainly attract attention in this case! Or if that isn’t your firm’s style, you could always find help online to make your stand more striking to your visitors.

You should also consider the product or service your company provides. For example, are you a manufacturer of some kind of electronic gadget? If so, you might want to think about incorporating a video screen or perhaps an interactive audio-visual element into your exhibition stand’s design. If you are promoting a product or service that is cutting edge, your stand should also have something futuristic in its design. Engagement is always the key – gone are the days when a reception desk and a bowl of boiled sweets can make a serious impact on delegates.

Bespoke made exhibition stands offer the benefit of being designed from scratch to align with your brand guidelines – at an event that’s all about making yourself seen and heard, securing an exhibition stand that is original in its appearance is half the battle.

Think Logistics

While you might get your exhibition stand professionally designed, your input is important when it comes to setting out some general plans for the experts. To help get your creative juices flowing, here is a collection of inspiring exhibition stand designs that we spotted on Pinterest.

Your starting point should be the ergonomics of the stand, thinking about what you need it to achieve and working backwards to make sure it functions to fulfil these aims. If a stand doesn’t function foremost, then it stands no chance – no matter how pretty it looks. It is essential that your stand both ‘wows’ and works for your brand to attract those all-important visitors using various engagement techniques. However, this doesn’t have to cost a fortune, exhibition stand hire is a good option if you don’t exhibit often or if you’re trying out a new size stand without breaking the budget. Not only can you hire the architecture of the stand, but you can also hire the interior such as counters, media centre plinths etc.

Location Matters

Think about where you want to be on the exhibition floor. Some companies might prefer to situate themselves near the front door, but in many cases delegates walk past this stand, eager to get into the thick of the action. You could base yourself near the area set aside for talks and thought leadership programmes, ensuring that anyone attending these seminars passes your exhibition stand. Be careful of a space which is near any kind of live music or entertainment area, as struggling to make yourself heard above the din could be a problem.

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