About the Asia Task Force

The Asia Task Force (ATF) was created in December 2004.

Its aim is to bring together experts from industry, education and government to focus on boosting British exports to, and investment in, Asian countries.

Asia Task Force Terms of Reference


The ATF is made up of members from the private sector and from academia. It is co-chaired by Lord Powell of Bayswater.

Members of the Asia Task Force and quotes for the ATF members.


The first full meeting of the ATF was held on 27 October 2005. The ATF plans to meet every six months and to publish the minutes of its meetings here on the UKTI website

Asia Task Force meetings

Research and Evidence

UKTI’s Asia Task Force Unit has commissioned a number of research papers to help inform UKTI policy making, and ultimately help companies to make informed decisions about opportunities for growing their trade in the emerging markets.

Research papers

UK Trade & Investment Contact: [email protected]

Countries: South Asia and South East Asia
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