A World of Search Engines

Over at Fusewave, we focus a lot on Google and Bing.  Google is the biggest player in the global search market with 71%.  Bing is a major player in the UK and US markets.

But many people don’t realise just how much traffic the other search engines get though, especially in foreign markets.  Not only is it worth knowing what search engines are popular in other countries, but some of these search engines are growing in popularity across the globe.

For instance, Yandex is growing in popularity around the world, and is now also the number 2 search engine in Turkey, as well as countries neighbouring Russia such as Belarus and Ukraine.  The company’s turnover is over $1 billion, and it has ambitions to grow into other countries.

So for your consideration, we’ve collected up stats from around the web about the top search engines, and some screenshots so you can see how the layouts differ.

Baidu (China)

500 million monthly users

Google is behind a firewall in China, and hence the popularity of Baidu.  The layout is quite Google-esque, with a nice clean background:

screenshot of Baidu search engine

Naver (Korea and Japan)

150 million monthly users

As well as being the major search engine in Korea, the cool layout of Naver is worth noting (see below).

screenshot of naver search engine

Yandex (Russia and others)

100 million monthly users

As mentioned, Yandex is growing in popularity in several different countries.  The search engine recently started offering a Google Webmaster Tools competitor in the form of its Webmaster Tools, which is quite popular with some SEO people.

Screenshot of Yandex search engine

Yahoo Japan

53% market share, makes Yahoo Japan it the leading search engine in Japan.

Japanese Yahoo screenshot

Seznam (Czech Republic)

26% of market share in the Czech Republic makes Seznam the second most popular search engine in that country.  This is down from 45% a couple of years ago though, as Google begins to dominate yet another market.

screenshot of seznam

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