A Top Kase-study!

TopKase produce a range of robust yet stylish aluminium phone covers with unique roller-shutter doors which not only protect the phones but also clean the screens each time the shutter is moved. The business was established in 2011.

Sales had been good with sizable orders from the USA and Japan, but it was clear the business potential could be far greater. Ashley Dexter, a Director of TopKase, joined the business in 2014 and introduced UKTI, “I was previously the Founder of another business which was involved with UKTI”, explained Ashley, “and I’d seen the benefits they can provide”. TopKase joined UKTI’s Passport to Export programme and, with their International Trade Advisor (Vanda Priestley), reviewed how UKTI could help TopKase to develop and execute their international strategy.


A crucial aspect identified for development was Topkase’s existing website. “We had already decided that our website could be enhanced to improve the reach of our marketing”, explained Ashley, “so UKTI’s help was well timed!” Vanda introduced Ashley to the Export Communications Review (ECR).The ECR provides practical, impartial and straightforward advice and can help companies improve their online visibility in overseas markets, including the development of an international website strategy. Each review is conducted by a communications expert and is tailored to the company’s individual requirements.

In September 2014, Mary Cousins, Export Communications Consultant, met with Ashley and spent the morning with him reviewing the existing website in light of the business’s aims and objectives. “The time flew by”, said Ashley, “Mary was really well prepared. She clearly understood what we wanted to do and had a very pragmatic style”.

Mary recommended a phased approached to the web-site development, ensuring the ongoing improvements did not delay potential sales growth. Some of the key recommendations included:


  • Creating a specific proposition for prospective distributors with easy navigation for non-native English speakers
  • Providing more visuals on the site for those with less English language, including creating a TopKase YouTube site to link to videos
  • Using Google Analytics tocreate more informed decisions on traffic received on the website
  • Giving contact details of partners around the world


“An interesting point that Mary made was around the meta-titles we use to describe our products”, said Ashley, “for example, we hadn’t realised that using the words ‘roller-shutter’ was not helping in our search engine optimisation as this was often linking to the security roller-shutters used on some shop windows! Mary suggested how to improve our SEO”

Following the meeting, Mary prepared a comprehensive report of action tips, “Mary’s report was very usable and we were able to send it straight to the web-developer to action.”


Ashley was very happy with the ECR, “Mary was great”, he exclaimed, “She really understood our business and could see where the issues and opportunities lay. The advice was all very practical and gave us logical steps to promote our products at the optimum level through the website and SEO. If you want to export, you really should start working with UKTI – you might be able to do it without them, but it’s so much easier and quicker with them!”



If you are thinking about reviewing your website to appeal to an international audience, then maybe an ECR could help you too?


A review of your communications could involve a series of visits lasting approximately 2-3 hours where a registered consultant will meet key members of export, web and marketing staff and prepare a customised action plan. The cost of each visit is £500 plus VAT; eligible companies can receive a subsidy of £250 from UKTI for the first three of these reviews.

For more information please contact your ECR team on 0845 0342111 or [email protected].

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