A New Era in aquatic food

How working with UKTI Yorkshire, New Era Aquaculture Ltd develop a strategy for export by attending UKTI Flagship Passport to Export Programme

New Era Aquaculture Ltd, are specialists in fish nutrition and have developed and formulated a range of unique diets for feeding both marine and tropical fishes across the globe. The company was launched in 2005 by founder Mark Wilson.

Mark is a nationally and internationally renowned specialist in the area of ornamental aquaculture. He identified that products generally available did not meet the nutritional requirements of many captive fish species. The range of species being kept in aquariums had become more and more diverse and continues to become increasingly so. To keep pace with this ever progressing diversity, Mark recognised that diets need to perform considerably better than traditional fish food to contribute to fish health, vigour, colour, and water quality. An additional consideration of New Era fish foods is to enable more exotic and difficult feeders to be kept in aquariums through the availability of suitable diets.

Business History

New Era develops bespoke diets for captive species across a broad spectrum of aquatic environments and has now built an extensive international reputation in the professional aquariums industry with major aquarium groups successfully adopting New Era feeding regimes across a wide range of exhibits.

New Era’s team of scientists have extensive experience in nutrition, immunology and marine biology. The company has a broad range of highly technical products which are used around the world both in private homes and by the professional aquarium industry.

New Era’s low temperature manufacturing techniques make the pellets soft and the flakes large and have proved a powerful secret weapon. Large flakes can be used in big pieces for surface feeders or be crushed smaller and pushed into the water column for mid and bottom feeders. Soft slow sinking pellets make for easier and speedier digestion. The pellets are compressed easily as they enter the buccal cavity and break up to allow very fast absorption through the gut wall. Fish visibly benefit rapidly in terms of their health, colour and vitality. Peter Kersh, Managing Director at New Era adds, “when people smell the stuff, they love it!” Within just 6 months of starting out New Era had set up agreements to supply 150 retail shops across the UK.

Company: New Era Aquaculture Ltd

Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Website: www.new-era-aquaculture.com

Peter explained the effect the company is having in revolutionising its market place, “we live and die by the internationality of the business.”

UKTI Support

Peter and business founder Mark Wilson first met through UKTI back in 2005 when in many ways the New Era business was still germinating from its concept stage. Mark approached UKTI to join Passport to Export with a view to getting the venture off the ground and Peter, who was already closely involved with UKTI, was asked to use his expertise to help.

The business relationship flourished and in the first year it was all hands to the deck to get the business up and running. Peter described that the challenges associated with uptake of a pioneering product can be especially difficult. New Era is by definition the very first in its field to use such groundbreaking innovations.

The export drive, as Peter describes it, began in 2006 with the company’s first international exhibition at Interzoo in Nuremburg with UKTI support. Interzoo is the world’s leading trade fair for the pet sector, where the worldwide pet supply industry, from small manufacturers to huge global players, present their products and services.


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