A great offer for UK exporters

Customs system on any internet enabled device

A great offer for UK exporters

Just once in a while something comes along that looks too good to be true and naturally most people regard it with some suspicion on the assumption that it probably won’t be true. However all those doubters  are in for a shock because I am announcing a new service which most people said would never be made available by a private sector company.

We ( e-customs Ltd) are one of the most successful software service providers in the industry surrounding customs declarations. Many of the major importers and exporters use our system ( Webdecs) to make the necessary legally required declarations to HMRC.

We have few rivals in the areas in which we choose to compete but there has traditionally been an area where we felt there was always going to be a single winner – and it wasn’t us!  That was the free service provided by the Government Gateway and made available to exporters and companies moving goods under the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) ; our difficulty was “How to compete with “Free”?

As might be expected from a free Government service in these difficult times, it isn’t very good.  The demands from The Treasury mean that it operates under strict financial and resource constraints and although the staff involved do their best there is only so much that can be done. The system provided requires constant re-keying of data; it has no archiving and produces no meaningful management information. In short it would not be acceptable from a commercial provider like us where clients pay for a service and are able to go elsewhere if unsatisfied.

Faced with this situation we have made the excellent ‘Webdecs’ available free of charge to low volume users ; there are no catches. We like to call it ‘WebLite’. . Now that has to be good for British exports (Non EU).

If your business is involved in 5 or less export or EMCS movements per month then you can enjoy all the sophistication of ‘Webdecs’ at no cost.

‘Webdecs’ is easy to use as a web based system which is full of functionality. If you are a small UK business with minimal exports or EMCS consignments then take a look at ‘Webdecs’ and try it for yourself. Your operational control will improve and your valuable time will be saved for better things.

Visit our website and sign up today. If you need help see our useful FAQ section.


Alun Davies – MD

Sectors: Business Services
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