8 Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Safe

Safety is the number priority for any business or organization. Having a proper safety mechanism is a must for the workers to be safe. Even though you might think you got it all covered, there is always room for improvement.

There might be accidents once in a while, this should not be a cause of panic, rather a chance to know how to prevent it in the future. The warehouse is an important place to have some safety procedures. Most of the time the goods or forklifts can cause serious injury if not handled correctly. Below are 8 ways to keep your warehouse safe.

Floor marking tape

You should already know that keeping your vehicle separate from your pedestrian staff and forklift operators is important in avoid collision. Implementing traffic lanes and safe routes in the warehouse is not complex or expensive. The great thing about using tape is that it can be easily changed when there is need to operate in different areas.


Installation of guardrails is important depending on your risk assessment. This is mostly applicable when there are ride-on pallet trucks and forklift trucks involved. The guardrails should be positioned on ramps and corners to slow down the operators of the machines making them concentrate and avoid drifting into pedestrian lanes.


If the warehouse isn’t being used it’s still best to ensure that there are not potential issues and this can be done by ensuring it’s insured. Empty Property Insurance from propertytoinsure.co.uk is a good idea here.

Bright clothing

Most warehouses use hi-visibility vests and hard hats when required. For extra safety choose the brightest colors available the next time you order the staff uniform or PPE. This will ensure the staff can always be visible even from a far distance.

Clear aisles

Waste and clutter in aisle presents a lot of hazards. The loose materials are a fire risk and can cause a lot of damage. There’s also a chance of tripping and slipping as a result of these hazards. They can also create distractions for the drivers and lead to collisions. Always make sure the aisle is clean and clear.


Always make sure you use high quality lighting, preferably LED lighting if you are worried about the energy costs to ensure all the areas of the warehouse are properly illuminated, making sure your staff can see each other and avoid potential risks.

Safety Signs and Training

Safety signs are a legal requirement in many warehouses. They must always display as much information as possible alerting workers to possible dangers and how they should avoid them. The signs should not be overused because the workers can easily miss the vital information. Better safety training also helps. Ensuring staff take the right sorts of safety courses is also important

Team Meetings

This is not a requirement but it’s the best way to communicate any new risks or changes to the safe system of work. This will improve the awareness of your workers and improve safety.

Following these tips ensures your property will remain safe whether being used or not and will prevent serious issues.

These tips come from advice we received from Wedo training

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