7 Things Export Businesses should Look for in a Storage Facility

Whether you’re at home or abroad, exporting or importing or otherwise – there’s going to come a time when you need to use a business storage facility.

For people in this industry these sorts of facilities offer all sorts of benefits. Many businesses run large operations out of storage facilities. These give businesses the opportunities to run an office, hold stock and expand and decrease the amount of space they need as and when they require it.

The demands of running a successful export or import business often mean that space can become an issue, especially when it comes to finding a suitable place to store office files, stationary, furniture and even surplus stock. But rather than investing in extra office space or a costly warehouse unit, self storage units will allow you to utilise much needed extra space that is both economical and cost effective.

Investing in self-storage is an inexpensive way to de-clutter your office space and invest in a long-term storage solution that is secure, accessible and able to meet your business’ exact storage requirements.

Self-storage facilities come in many different shapes and sizes, and are able to accommodate the storage needs of a number of businesses. Many companies offer highly competitive rates that are significantly cheaper than renting other storage outlets such as office and warehouse spaces.

When choosing a self-storage facility, there are a number of points you should consider… 

Security – is your self-storage solution a secure and trustworthy base?

When it comes to storing away personal and business items, peace of mind is paramount. You need to be confident that your goods will be safe and stored in a secure base. When looking at self-storage facilities and the options available to you, make sure that the storage is based within a secure, gated site complete with CCTV, fire alarms and reliable intruder alarms. 24 hour security is also a bonus, although these sites are few and far between. 

Opening times – will you be able to access your storage when you need to? 

This is important, especially if you may need to access your storage at any time or short notice. Many self-storage outlets are open 7 days a week however many have set opening times. If these do not fit in with the needs of your business, or if you work during the night, it’s worth looking at other options available to you.  

Equipment – does your self-storage solution provide carton and packing materials?

When storing any products or goods it’s important that they are packaged appropriately in order to protect them from wear and tear, as well as potentially being damaged whilst transporting them to and from the storage unit. Before moving or removing your storage, it’s worthwhile checking whether or not the storage company provide suitable carting and packing materials.

Collection and delivery – are you able to collect my storage and deliver upon request? 

Although many business storage facilities offer a collection and delivery service, not all storage outlets offer this service. The people at Self Storage Centre would advise that, if this is a service that you require, it’s certainly worth double checking before you do anything.

Fully staffed – will there be someone there to answer my questions and assist me when I need them? 

Make sure that the self-storage company you choose to use is fully staffed. It’s always useful to have a staff member on hand to answer any questions or assist in the transportation of your storage. 

Decide on the type of storage you need 

The scale and scope of different storage solutions can differ dramatically. Before looking for self-storage options, you need to think about the type of storage you require, how long for, whether the base has the facilities to store your products or goods securely, and whether your products have specialist storage requirements. This will help you to find a self-storage facility that is right for you and your business. 

Flexibility when it comes to costs and professional advice? 

Before committing to any storage solution, make sure you have all the facts. How much is it going to cost you? How long can you store your goods for? How much flexibility will you have when it comes to the costs and terms and conditions of your contract? 

Self storage units make the perfect place for a myriad of businesses and importing and exporting businesses are a prime example of commerce they suit. Hopefully these tips will show you the benefits.




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