5 Virtual Office Benefits for Export Start-ups

Are you searching for ways to give your start up a professional corporate image?  Are you not sure how to go about this without spending a fortune?

Fortunately, a business virtual office can give you a corporate feel without needing to buy or lease physical office space.

Instead of renting office space, buying fax and phone system, furniture and office equipment as well as hiring a receptionist, a virtual office is basically a turnkey business office.

A company with its own office and furnishings, dedicated business line and live phone support does help to legitimize a business.

However, the regularly monthly lease payments and other costs that are associated with this type of setup is far too expensive for most start-ups to be able to afford.  On the other hand, a business virtual office can provide you with all the trappings of an established business operation without having the ongoing costs and large price tag allowing you to work from anywhere.

A business virtual office such as UK business Office Answers offers a brilliant and affordable solution to enable even businesses with small budgets to be able to operate like major corporations do.

For just a few dollars a day you will get all of the main components that a serious business has, including dedicated fax line, personalized voice mail, business mailing address, live assistant for addressing inbound telephone calls, dedicated business line and much more.  It is a great option for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to keep their operation costs down while still be able to develop a professional corporate image.

It can also help when trying to establish business credit.  A business virtual address can be used for the company’s mailing address instead of a home address.

The following are 5 benefits that a virtual office can provide to a business:

Have a local dedicated telephone number
Having a recognized local area code for your business phone number can make it much easier for your business to acquire new local customers.  Having a local phone number appears more trustworthy and personalized for local consumers versus having an area code that is unrecognizable.

Have a professional live receptionist
Having a live professional individuals answering incoming phone calls for your business is another component that will speak volumes about how your business operates.

Have a corporate mailing address
One of the key components of the process of building business credit is have a commercial zoned mailing address.  It helps lenders identify a business’s location and operations.

Have a custom company fax number
Having a local telephone number for your business fax line can also help your company deal with local consumers better.

Have custom voice mail boxes
Having multiple voice mail boxes that have separate pre-recorded introductions to them can help a company improve how it interacts with customers during non-business hours.

There is a wide array of choices available online when it comes to choosing a business virtual office.  Just be sure that you take the time to locate the most inexpensive and budget-friendly solution for your virtual business office.

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