2014 Ten steps to export success guide | Reference guide for food and drink businesses

There has never been a better time for UK food and drink manufacturers to start exporting.

High demand from overseas markets for British products, alongside continued demand from the domestic market, will play a vital role in our sector’s ability to achieve the shared goal with Government of 20% sector growth by 2020.

Exports of prepared and packaged foods from UK manufacturers continue to expand, with Britain’s reputation for quality brands and innovative new products highly regarded around the world.

Despite the numerous benefits of trading overseas, only 10% of food and drink small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) currently export [1]. This is due in part to business owners feeling that they are unable to find the right information which will enable them to develop an export strategy.

To meet this need and as part of the industry’s joint action plan with Government to grow agri-food exports, the Food and Drink Federation, in partnership with the Food & Drink Exporters Association, has published ‘10 Steps to Export Success’. This free reference guide for food and drink SMEs will help them to access new markets by making available a wealth of existing information provided by UK and international organisations, and equipping them with the essential tools to create an export plan.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé UK and Ireland
Co-Chair of the Agri-food Export Forum and Vice President of the Food and Drink Federation

Whats new for 2014:

  • Useful websites and guides that businesses can source from
  • Free market research information sites, so that businesses can find data that can help them.
  • Links to detailed UKTI country guides
  • Links to overseas sites that UK exporters can use from Ireland, the US and Canada.
  • More detailed information on labelling including free e-learning courses and guidance from the FSA & Defra
  • Link to UKTI’s new events website and Open to Export e-commerce landing page
  • Link to World Intellectual Property Organisation website
  • Link to Defra Guide to Food & Drink export certification and documentation

Click here to download the new 2014 guide

Click here to download the 2013 guide

Sectors: Bakery Products, Beverages & Alcoholic Drinks, Brewing, Dairy Products, Food & Drink, Food & Drink Manufacturing, Frozen & Chilled Foods, Fruit & Vegetables, and Meat Products
Topics: Export Planning
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