2014 Ecommerce Trends

If you’re in e-commerce here are the trends you should know about this year.

  1. Shoppers are using their mobile phones and tablets to shop and browse online. For businesses who want to grow, it is essential for them to optimise their sites to suit all handheld platforms so that customers may browse, navigate and buy online.
  2. Businesses are now partnering with companies to offer their customer free or faster shipping option. For businesses who can’t afford to offer this option, they are developing innovative and additional value to personalise their delivery service to help with their customer’s purchase experience.
  3. Global business is on the rise and SME’s are being encouraged to investigate the opportunities of expanding their e-business overseas. Looking beyond your own borders and taking advantage of high sales in other countries is worthwhile, consider Black Friday in the US for example, or China’s Singles Day.
  4. Content marketing is essential for companies if they’re looking for building trust with their consumers and to encourage buyers to shop with them online. Increasing the content marketing budget is essential. Content must be high quality and shared online, designed to benefit the reader and not the business.
  5. Guided discovery is a trend that is designed to make the life of the shoppers easier. Sharing information on where to make their purchases saves the consumer time. They browse less but are able to buy more thanks to personalised recommendations.
  6. Customer demand and personalisation provides consumers with original predicts. Businesses need to be creative yet profitable when it comes to meeting the demands of the customers.3D printing will play a huge role in providing personalised products quickly.
  7. Brands are still the major players and it’s essential for all small businesses to develop their brand and work on their brand awareness. Building a brand requires delivering on promises, clearly stating their missions, working with major influencers and content marketing.

The e-commerce trends for 2014 are benefiting the consumer and merchants. If businesses are able to develop these trends, they will retain their customer’s loyalty and create a growth opportunity for themselves by providing better consumer experiences, prices and service.

Topics: E-commerce and Market Research
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