2000 Italian Farmers and a Self Cleaning Filter

Working with the members of the consortium, the company primarily focuses on the production of dairy products, including butter, fresh cream and aged cheeses. However, with increasing uses for animal fat, the company recognized the opportunity to expand their product range. Sourcing fat from their slaughter plant, the company sought to produce two key animal fat by-products – an animal fat spread (an Italian delicacy) and biodiesel.

The processing of these animal fat by-products required a new processing line to be built, and therefore Virgilio approached a well known engineering house to provide a processing solution. The proposed system required the meat fat to be minced before it is steam heated into a liquid form at just under 100 degrees C. As the meat fat contains skins and cartilages that are difficult to break down, the liquid product is then fed to a filtration system to remove any oversize contamination. Having worked with Russell Finex previously, the engineering house did not think twice about supplying the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® to Virgilio for this stage of the process.

The unique design of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® ensures that material passes through the filter screen whilst the screen is automatically cleaned using a rotating wiper inside the element. “The Eco Filter wiper system works on a continuous basis, cleaning the filter element surface at all times, providing a consistent throughput rate and differential pressure” states Andrea Bozzellini, Area Responsible.

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Sectors: Agriculture, Horticulture & Fisheries
Countries: Italy
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