What License Should I Use?

Webinar posted by Josh Banks, on behalf of Open to Export

Claire Harrison (ECO) and Michelle Sullivan (ECO) spoke to us about how to find the correct licence that will be necessary for the goods that you are exporting.

You can watch the video of the webinar below, and check out our Recent Webinars page to access all the Open to Export webinars giving practical guidance and answers to all your exporting concerns.

When you are dealing with licensed goods it is important to be aware if the country you are planning to export to has sanctions for those goods. Knowing this is important because the sanction can control dual-use goods, military goods and also non-conditions goods and make exporting these goods difficult.

Open General Export Licenses

These are pre-published licenses given out by the Export Control Organisation, which are the most flexible as long as they meet certain criteria specific to the goods. There are certain benefits to this kind of license:

  1. A one-off registration – this means that once you have applied for it and get it approved you will not have to register again.
  2. Immediate use – once the registration has been approved then you will be able to use the license straight away with no waiting period.
  3. Various destinations – upon getting the license you will be able to export your goods to a wide range of permitted destinations.
  4. Open Individual Export Licences

    These licences are for more specific items such including;

    • Dealer to dealer (firearms)
    • Cryptographic
    • Media

    Open individual export licenses come with many advantages and are valid for 5 years meaning you will not have to worry about updating it. In addition to that, 99 per cent of licenses are completed within 60 days meaning you don’t have to wait for a very long time to get it processed.