Emerging Markets - How in-market business support can help you

Webinar posted by William Barns-Graham, on behalf of Open to Export

Chris Southworth (Executive Director Global Partnerships from the British Chambers of Commerce) and Chris Guant (Chairman of British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey) give a webinar about the export support available in the market from UKTI and BCC helping you to identify new market opportunities, build joint venture partnerships, launch new products and strengthen local marketing strategies.

These are the key points:

There are many sources of overseas export support such as UK Trade & Investment, the Chambers of Commerce, British business groups and the private sector providers.

There is also support within 41 “hard to access” markets. The British Chamber of Commerce offers business to business (B2B) support in 22 of these countries and hopes by the end of 2014/15 to support 9 more.

The core international trade services provided are:

  1. Connections with business experts
  2. Start up support through business centres and mentoring
  3. Building your market share by strengthening partnerships
  4. Growing your regional presence through regional contacts, access to business support in other markets.
    1. Business Centres are a good space to get started. They are dynamic, friendly business spaces for hot-desking and start up offices. You can also network and assess local business support and showcase British business.

      British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has 52 accredited chambers and represents 92,000 businesses, it provides help and advice for british businesses abroad in a variety of sectors.

      Sector focused events are put on to promote UK’s strength in specific sectors and support businesses by building stronger business connections between the UK and the countries they wish to do business with.

      Questions and Answers

      Here are some of the questions asked by the attendees at the end of the webinar. The times in which the questions were asked have also been given.

      Who can help British companies keep an eye on regulatory code and issues? (24:32)
      UK Trade and Investment and the British Overseas Business Network keep an eye on regulatory codes and try to make information as accessible as possible for UK businesses.

      What’s the best way for UK businesses access these services? (26:54)
      There are multiple ways in which to access these services, whether you go to UKTI, your local chamber, or you can also visit the website Export Britain.