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Introduction to Import

Starts from 2 December 2015

A practical course examining the varied and interrelated elements involved in successful importing. ...

Introduction to Export

Starts from 25 November 2015

An export training course providing delegates with a practical understanding of the key elements tha...

Import Duty Management

Starts from 12 November 2015

How to use customs procedures to predict, manage and reduce import duty and VAT costs.  A must for t...

Achieving Successful Customs Audits

Starts from 4 November 2015

Customs audits are often viewed with fear and trepidation but there is no reason for this to be the ...

Processing under Customs Control (PCC)

Starts from 28 October 2015

An important course for companies sourcing components or raw materials from outside the EU for furth...

A Comprehensive Guide to International Trade

Starts from 21 October 2015

The 'gold standard' for import and export training, giving a practical and pragmatic detailed guide....

Origin and Preference - Gaining the Benefits

Starts from 14 October 2015

Product origin in international trade has little to do with the country of despatch or even in some ...

As an integral part of regulatory or Standards compliance, continuous improvement and audit readines...

Hello,I am about to start work with a USA company that request I complete a W-8BEN form. Please can ...

The Quality Manager's Guide to AEO

Starts from 24 September 2015

You have achieved the core business standards for your organisation such as ISO 9001 and have now be...

The Quality Manager's Guide to AEO

Starts from 9 April 2015

You have achieved the core business standards for your organisation such as ISO 9001 and have now be...

Export Licensing Seminar

Starts from 2 October 2015

If you export you need to understand export licencing.   It is not just arms and ammunition that are...

UCC Guidelines Seminar

Starts from 2 October 2015

A guide to the new Union Customs Code (UCC) Is your company ready to take advantage of the new ru...

Customs Valuation

Starts from 1 October 2015

A detailed and practical guide to a discipline with a business wide cost impact. This course is d...

Customs Tariff Classification

Starts from 23 September 2015

The tariff classification of items determines how much import duty is payable.  A vital part of any ...

Process Analysis, Design and Documentation

Starts from 17 September 2015

Are inefficient processes swallowing your time and money? If so this course is for you:- A practi...

Achieving AEO Status

Starts from 9 September 2015

This course will guide delegates in the practical application of the requirements for obtaining AEO ...

Working with CITES

Starts from 15 July 2015

This course is designed for anyone new to CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered...

Working with INCOterms® 2010

Starts from 1 July 2015

Not just a description of each term but a detailed guide to the benefits that can be obtained by the...



The business of export often involves procurement from countries outside of the UK.  Whether it be r...

Hot Off the French Trade Press - 9 January

Posted on 12 January 2015

Welcome to Hot Off the French Trade Press, a weekly round up of news items from French trade journal...

Welcome to Hot Off the French Trade Press, a weekly round up of news items from French trade journal...

featured story

The bribery Act, advice for UK exporters

Posted on 7 October 2014

The Bribery Act was introduced in 2010 as a way of strengthening the existing bribery and corrup...

Published on 08.09.2014 SINGAPORE — The Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) has made fu...

featured story

Getting started with export

Posted on 5 September 2014

Export Bootcamp – Get your export plan in shape for 2014 Calling all recruits! Is your ...

Transporting goods overseas to Canada correctly requires you to have initiate knowledge of the c...

Article posted by James Stevens
on behalf of Clearit

14.08.2014 From traffic updates to tax returns, cities and countries have more data than ever bef...

Article posted by Kelly Ng, FutureGov Asia Pacific
via UK Trade & Investment Singapore

e-customs will be at Multimodal 2015

Posted on 6 August 2014

e-customs Ltd will be attending its first Multimodal event in April 2015. Why not come along and say...

Problem areas that traders often experience: Communication between Trader and Customs Agent It...

Continuing in this series of the Top 10 FAQs that UKTI receives, we’ll explore the next topic of UK/...

Article posted by Diana Lau UKTI USA
via UK Trade & Investment USA

This series will address the top 10 frequently asked questions that we in UKTI USA, regularly receiv...

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/1535619818/ From small businesses to huge multinational...

In 2013, the UK Government refused 196 export and trade licence applications. Each refusal imposed h...

featured story

Language & Localization in Packaging and Labelling for Export

Posted on 29 April 2014

When engaging in export and international business, there are a number of things you have to conside...

Article posted by Neil Payne
on behalf of Kwintessential

For many UK businesses, selling abroad involves using agents and distributors. Knowing when its best...

Article posted by Richard Mullett
via The Legal Partners

Information Technology Agreement (ITA)

Posted on 30 November 2013

On the 13th September 2013, Russia became the 78th member of the Information Technology Agreement (I...

Article posted by Sandra Strong FIEX (CITA) Managing Partner Strong & Herd LLP
via Strong and Herd LLP

Arguably, there’s never been a better time to look at international trade. The domestic market has b...

i  have been asked where to find “free” information on VAT in the UK. Assuming that it is not cov...

French digital education sector update

Posted on 22 November 2013

I am just back from the French trade show Educatec-Educatice which was this week in Paris. The ma...



Specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges encountered in the international movement of goo...

Export Documentation

Starts from 4 February 2015

In today’s busy exporting environment, few exporters have the time to consider the why, the where an...

This seminar, led by Melanie Lord, VAT Specialist at Streets Chartered Accountants, will look at the...

Incoterms® 2010 Training

Starts from 18 February 2015

  Incoterms® 2010 - Half Day (morning or afternoon) Location: London Cost: £1...

Bonds and Guarantees

Starts from 19 February 2015

Bonds & Guarantees Location: London Cost: £295 + VAT Members £360 + VAT Non-Members ...

International Documentation

Starts from 24 February 2015

  International Documentation Location: Leeds Cost: £295 + VAT Members £360 + VAT ...

Does your business have an effective online strategy for boosting overseas sales? Is your site op...

Financing your India plans and accessing capital in India can be challenging for UK companies whethe...

An Introduction to Exporting

Starts from 25 February 2015

  An Introduction to Exporting Location: Peterborough Cost: £295 + VAT Members £36...

Letters of Credit

Starts from 26 February 2015

Letters of Credit Location: London Cost: £295 + VAT Members £360 + VAT Non-Members CPD ...

Customs Tariff Classification

Starts from 26 February 2015

This course is designed for those new to customs tariff classification and for those needing a great...

Process Analysis, Design and Documentation

Starts from 27 February 2015

A practical and helpful course intended to guide participants to an understanding of their company's...

Customs Compliance

Starts from 4 March 2015

Customs Compliance Location: Long Eaton, Notts Cost: £295 + VAT Members £360 + VAT Non-Membe...

Letters of Credit

Starts from 4 March 2015

The course is ideally suited for sales, accounts, shipping or despatch personnel who have either jus...

International Documentation

Starts from 5 March 2015

  International Documentation Location: Peterborough Cost: £295 + VAT Members £360...

Working with CITES

Starts from 5 March 2015

This course is designed for anyone new to CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered...

With a number of different market entry options including Liaison offices, Project offices, and Join...

International Food Law

Starts from 11 March 2015

Leatherhead’s unique International Food Law training course has been launched in response to the gro...

An Introduction to Exporting

Starts from 11 March 2015

An Introduction to Exporting Location: London Cost: £295 + VAT Members £360 + VAT Non-Memb...



Hello,I am about to start work with a USA company that request I complete a W-8BEN form. Please can you help me answer these questions -1) I am a Ltd, I assume I fill in the W-8BEN-E rather than the Individual...

I'm looking to sell a spare part of a civil Boeing 737 , the aircraft is in Libya. The part in question is 'Slat' which is a flying control surface that attaches to the wing. Will I need an export licence?

Dubai Municipality now seem to require a UK gov org to sign off non GMO certs for food products - anyone got any experience of this and if so how did they resolve!

We are a limited company in the UK wanting to sell to the US but we need to be set up with the secretary of state and they need to know what we are equivalent to over in the states. Any advise would be...

Question posted by a user

Exporting from France to the Caribbean

Posted on 8 December 2014

We are a UK VAT registered company.Our client is based in the Virgin Islands and therefore outside the EC. They order from us boat equipment. We source this equipment in the UK. The source ships the equipment...

We are a UK Vat registered company, however most of the orders we have forecasted to receive will be supplied directly from our factories in ChinaI have 2 scenarios:What will be the implications of VAT,...

Selling Leather Bags (e-commerce) USA

Posted on 20 January 2015

Hi,I'm writing a paper on methods of researching into entering overseas markets. This is specific to my company that deals with leather bags for men. I was wondering if anyone could help in regards...

I am looking to take advantage of opportunities for a super-premium chocolate shop within the German, Italian and potentially Japanese markets. As I am looking to open retail units in major cities in...

Hello,I am trying to set up an indirect exporter(distributor) business in UK - buying luxury products from UK retailers (both online and offline) and exporting to citizens in Asia. (at a retail level,...

Good MorningI am looking to fully understand the regulations surrounding the export of used medical equipment to the USA. Do we as the exporter need to seek FDA approval or is this the responsibility...

Is EHC6182 the only option to be able to import into Saudi.Can't understand why we have to have a Vet Inspection?Anybody out there any experience with these products?

I recently open a company, so i am quite new for import and export. Could anyone help me on this question please. Big thanks.My company is a UK company. We want to buy(import) some goods from oversea(Asia)...

Documentation/ Licenses for Tyres to Libya

Posted on 23 December 2014

Do we require export licences and/or similar documentation to sell Tyres to Libya??Are there any current trade embargoes/restrictions in place to prevent us form supplying Tyres to Libya??

We are about to export some electronic switchgear to Switzerland using our own lorry. De we need to get some type of 'Export Clearance' / make an 'Export Declaration' ?

Exporting cars to China from the UK

Posted on 4 December 2014

I'm looking to set up a business of exporting cars to China from the UK. However, I've received confusing information about whether it is even legal to export cars to China from the UK. Can somebody please...

Textile Exports to Russia from UK

Posted on 4 December 2014

We are looking to Export our product ( readymade garments ) to Russia and we are getting conflicting information with regards the documents we require to obtain Customs clearance in Russia.We have been...

Exporting cosmetics to Brazil and China

Posted on 5 December 2014

Could anyone tell us what are the requirements for exporting cosmetics to both Brazil and China? What are the necessary regulatory requirements to be met beforehand etc.? (Any link's that could be provided...

Exporting gold from Uganda

Posted on 12 December 2014

We work currently from Ghana and Tanzania and have identified an opportunity in Uganda. Can anyone help me with the exporting procedure from Uganda, tax and permit requirements.Thank you

What would be the exporting costs to export watches (£2,500 - £20,000) to China, India, Taiwan, Russia, Mexico, South Korea and Switzerland?I am looking to export to these countries and would like to...

Product liability issues

Posted on 10 December 2014

If a product is developed in the UK and manufactured in the EU by another party, for distribution and sale in the EU and elsewhere, should the manufacturer's name appear on the documentation (eg instruction...