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Question posted by Debbie Clark

you have many topics and info sharing including the Webinars - are these free or i there some kind of annual costs assocuated with joining the site?

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Dear Debbie,

Thanks for your question.

All of the information on Open to Export is free.



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David Lowe, on behalf of Open to Export in PE2.

Hi Debbie

As Jennie says, Open to Export is a free to use service designed to support UK exporters and potential exporters. There are no costs or subscription fees to access all the information or register on the site. All the articles, events and business opportunities have been provided by our registered users and supporting organisations.

This Q&A service is also designed to help you get answers to any specific questions you may have about exporting. If you post your export related question we will distribute this to the network of users to help you get responses. If you look at this page ( you will get an idea of the people in the network who answer the questions posted on the site.

Good luck.


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