who specialises in exporting to ex pat communities around the world

Question posted by jeremy jones, on behalf of moonshine drinks Ltd in DE74

i am looking to export a simple beer in the bag home brew bitter. You simply add water to a bag and 7 days later you have beer at 4% ABV and i think the ex pat market will be huge

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Dear Jeremy
It might be worth checking out for possible distributors in New Zealand ,Australia , Canada etc.and of couse Spain .Especially since country has its own regulations regarding food and drink imports.
Once you have found possible outlets please contact us by email colin.crown@ntlworld.com
or give us a call on 01263 513127 and we will try to help with freight rates etc.
best regards
Colin; Crown Freight ltd

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Stephen Yiu, on behalf of Stephen Yiu Notary Public in WC2H 9JQ.

It might be worth your while to gain access to Chinese market. I am currently trying to make contacts with the community of English expatriates abroad. We have the same objective. I have some agents in China to give me assistance.

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Hi Jeremy,

Inwards payments to UK accounts are subject to a fee and currency conversion rate from your bank which will add on to your financial costs.

One popular method to minimize these costs is to obtain the service of an FSA authorized foreign exchange dealer where the fees are very low compared to the banks and the exchange rate very much in your favor.

As we are one of the specialists in this field if you wish to proceed or need further clarifications, please contact us on 020 7240 1214 or rasika@tegforex.co.uk

Good luck with your new venture.


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Samantha Rhodes, on behalf of Transfix in HD1.

New Zealand and Australasia definitely!

There is the NZTI which you could contact for further info:

Good luck!


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Peter Erftemeijer, on behalf of Mot Juste in E1W.

Before you waste all your money, ask yourself:
1/ You say it's easy, so why are the pubs and bars so full every Friday night? Probably because it's about something else than the beer
2/ To make it pay, you will need a big distribution network, a marketing campaign, etc.
3/ Most bitter drinkers are picky about what they drink and beer -in-a-bag doesn't sound very exciting. You will have to overcome this problem.

On the upside, the expat market is relatively easy to reach:
1/ They usually have clubs in major cities, complete with a website and mailing list
2/ Offer the club's leader sample packs and background information, so they can turn this into one of their regular event. They will be pleased to get a ready-made evening programme
3/ You may even find your distributor in the same group, solving a lot of the logistic problems.

Does the brand already exist in the UK?

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Let me put you in touch with an exporting specialist that may well be able to guide you, as requested.

Hope this helps.

Andy Cliff
Tel : 07934 443492
Email : andy@straightforwardconsultancy.co.uk
Web : www.straightforwardconsultancy.co.uk
Twitter: @AndyCliffSCL
Skype: andy.cliff1@skype.com

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Sarah Carroll, on behalf of Grow Global Limited in BN1.

If you're targeting ex-pat customers around the world, you might want to think about internationalising your website. UKTI have a subsidised service called the Export Communications Review which can give you a tailored action plan on how to get your website visible in international search engines e.g. www.google.com.au, www.google.co.nz (change the country to see if you are visible!).

Find out more at: http://www.growglobal.com/ecr.

Good luck with exporting your beer in a bag!

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