Which Bank for business banking?

Question posted by Premila Puri Makh, on behalf of GAP2000 Films Ltd in London

Hi All

Can anyone advice in their experience which of the following are banks that are best when it comes to providing services, best charges for start ups?


I already bank with HSBC and Lloyds so its easy to have business account set up with them but want to hear other people's experiences.

Thanks Premila

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Assuming your enquiry relates to International Banking procdures. I specialise in International Banking, Documentary credits and collections, and deal with a wide range of Banks. Of the Banks you list HSBC is easily the best in terms of examination of documents, speed of payment and flexibility, unable to comments on charges. Hope this helps.

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May I suggest having a look at this:


I am with HSBC, partly because I have my private account there too. There is a free period (18 months I think) for a new business acount. I've heard Santander is reasonable but cannot vouch for it.

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Sian Williams, on behalf of Yell in RG1.

Hi Premila,

Thanks for your question. You might be interested to read the responses to a similar question raised a couple of months ago:

Good luck with your venture.

Kind regards,

Open to Export Team

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Premila Puri Makh, on behalf of GAP2000 Films Ltd in London.

Vince, Caroline and Sean

Thank you for your help and apologies for belated note!

Most helpful and though I'm a Premier HSBC customer I think it'll be Barclays for me and interestingly in the moneysupermarket best business accounts, HSBC doesn't even figure. Very surprising!

Best wishes

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