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Question posted by Lindsey Shenton

I am looking to export waste plastic in bales from the uk to usa where to start regarding shipping and costs please.

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Dear Lindsey

Please advise collection point , size of shipment and weight and which USA port the
shipment is for . Please reply directly to us on Tel 01263 513127 or email
colin.crown@ntlworld.com. and we will revert with rates etc.
Best regards
Colin ; Crown

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Dear Lindsey,
I would be grateful if you can advise if you are planning to load the bales in Containers, or ship them as breakbulk. In any case, it would be helpful to know, the collection point, size of shipment inclg size of each bale, weight of each bale, and total qty you wish to ship per shipment, and which USA port the shipment is for.Plse reply to
Chris Hibbert, Budamar Shipping Ltd., Tel: 01923 836192 Email: chris@budamar.com
All the best, Chris

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Hello Lindsey,
Before you obtain the freight quotes kindly being offered above you need to decide the terms of your shipment so you can correctly advise the freight companies involved and indeed your customer.

You need to know what costs are to be included in the price that you have quoted to your customer and which costs your customer will have to pay for himself. It is usual to use an INCOterm in the contract for this purpose e.g. FCA, FOB named place etc.

Freight costs are itemised from the point of loading at the collection address to the point of unloading at the destination and they can be divided between yourself and the buyer in any way you choose.

Who pays what also includes who pays the import duty and taxes that are payable in the country of import. Different US States charge or don't charge tax on import. They all charge import duty. To find out the duty and tax rate applicable you need the customs tariff classification for your product.

You can contact us directly for further information - Susan Morley Tel 0784 1133027
email enquiries@morley-consulting.co.uk

Best Regards,

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Matthew Maginley, on behalf of Managed Media Services and Marketing in United States.

Hi Lindsey,
Luckily, you have some very good responses from shippers as well as a quality consulting firm. I would certainly start with an expert in exporting who can assist with knowledge of your specific industry and target market. Intuitively you will want to do projections and be able to understand how to scale this part of your business.

As a marketer I've found some success by looking at the question from the buyer's perspective as they will have already established some of the process mapping that you will eventually need and, may have recommendations to guide you to partner with them. Any investment in resources to know with certainty how to move forward with an entire process will provide greater benefits and returns over the long-term.
P.S. I work as a media and marketing consultant out of the area of New Jersey, USA that is very close to Port Newark Container Terminal. www.pnct.net . If you need assistance locating and contacting buyers of bulk plastic I may be able to provide you with some leads, (if you are ever in the need.) By all means please follow up with everyone who replied as they have provided professional and highly qualified responses that will increase your opportunities for success.

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HMRC Advisor, on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs in G67.

Information on the Customs requirements for exporting is given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be found on our website www.hmrc.gov.uk under Quick Links > Library > Official Statistics – Publications – Notices, Info Sheets & Other Reference Materials > Import, Export & International Trade. The Public Notices are in numerical order.

Further detailed information regarding exporting goods outside the EU can be found on our website by using the following link http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/channelsPortalWebApp.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pageImport_ShowContent&propertyType=document&resetCT=true&id=HMCE_PROD1_032667

You may find the Export Best Practice Guide particularly helpful

HM Revenue & Customs
Customs International Trade & Excise

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Sue Marsden Gilpin, on behalf of UK Trade & Investment USA in United States.

Hi Lindsey,

Please also see a recent article I posted on Open to Export concerning Customs. Hope this helps but it might be best to contact a customs broker.


Diana Lau

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