Where can I find out about upcoming trade missions?

Question posted by Ben Stevenson, on behalf of When Just Happened in SO22

I have a software company and am interested in expanding my operations outside of the UK, where can I find out about upcoming trade missions and how do I get on them?

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Sal Georgiou, on behalf of reignition9 in WC1N 3AX.

Hi Ben,

That's easy - register your company with your local Chamber of Commerce, as well as UKTI (www.ukti.gov.uk), and let them know you are interested in trade missions.

Each mission is different and has different criteria of entry - however they are on a first come, first served basis, if I am not mistaken.

Hope this helps!

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Ben Stevenson, on behalf of When Just Happened in SO22.

Thanks Sal!

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Speak to UKTI who will have a Trade Advisor give you the information you require pertinent to your business and the countries of opportunity.
You can get on Trade Missions, but be specific about which ones you choose to go to as they need to be focussed in the industry sector you operate in.
You would need to have investigated market opportunities for your software applications to identify your most appropraite target countries and companies/partners. We can assist you with this if you wish.

Brian Mclean. Meridian Marketing International

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Damian Scattergood, on behalf of STAR Translation Services in Ireland.

The DTI are also a good place to check out...

The also have specialist trade advisors.
Both UKTI and DTI are best sources. You could also contact the UK embassies in your target countries. They often have inbound missions and will know of on the ground organizations that work bring UK companies into the country.

Damian Scattergood
STAR Translation Services

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Alfredo Fierro, on behalf of UKTI Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Deepending on what part of the Software industry your company is, we could be a source of new business opportunities.
UKTI in Argentina is working with the local ICT sector in two specific niches, mobile and web based services as Argentina is a power house in both these areas.
In mobile, Argentina currently has a penetration of 150 phones per 100 inhabitants; higher than anywhere else in the Americas and even the UK.
On the Internet, Argentina produces roughly half of teh Spanish lanmguage content online. With Spanish being the third largest online language, this opens up opportunities for many companies.
Should any of these scetors be of interest, please get in diurect copntact with us and ...glad to help!
Alfredo (Fred) Fierro, Deputy Director - Trade & Investment - Buenos Aires

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PATRICK ADEREMI, on behalf of Global Ethnics Ltd in B32.


I will like to invtite your company to attend The Foreign Direct Investment Opportunuty in Nigeria Exhibition (FODION 2013), taking place in London, Oct, 21st - 22nd, 2013.

Please have a look at www.fodion.com and i am available anytime for discussion, my contact details are:

Patrick Aderemi
+44 7411194645
BB: 24D64333

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