Where can I find opportunities to support Brazilian organisations with preparations for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics

Question posted by Saul Friedner, on behalf of Real Wireless in SG12

Real Wireless is an independent technology consultancy company delivering professional technical consultancy to clients across all wireless sectors. We can help the relevant organisations using wireless technologies in their preparations of the Olympics and World Cup. In particular in terms of strategic technical advice, in-building wireless solutions, coping with growth of wireless capacity on cellular networks etc, spectrum regulation advice

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Paul Smith, on behalf of UK Trade & Investment Brazil in Sao Paulo.

Dear Saul,

You can find out about the opportunities in the Brazilian mobile communications market with help from us at UKTI Brazil. We have contacts at companies like Oi (World Cup project) and Embratel (Olympics project) and the other operators. UKTI will be organising a visit of UK companies to Futurecom, the leading communications conference and exhibition in Rio from 8-11 October 2012. If you send me your contact details, I can provide you with more on this and other UKTI services in Brazil, and also a couple of web-sites where you can get more information quickly.

Best regards

Paul Smith
UKTI Brazil

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Dear Saul

There is significant interest from the organizations and authorities in Brazil responsible for the World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 in learning from best practice in technology implementation for the events they will be hosting in Brazil. In fact over the last year, several Brazilian government and company delegations visited the UK on fact finding trips and to meet with companies and organisations in the UK from whom they can learn - and potentialy engage with too.

UKTI's staff in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are keen to showcase UK capability in delivering the technology needed for major sporting events, so this is a good point of call for you.

In addition, as Paul Smith mentioned in his earlier answer, we have been speaking with the key operators to identify their needs and in particular our discussion with Oi highlighted some of their requirements in Brazil to deliver technologies for 2014, which include:

- Network planning, design, engineering
- Transmission backbone: upgrading optical equipment, connecting venues with 30Gbit/s, connecting to IBC in Rio
- Satellite back up links (2 cable/optical links from each stadium to Rio)
- Mobile coverage: 2G, 3G, 4G by the time of World cup
- Indoor coverage for mobile
- Mobile VAS, how to sell services around the World Cup
- WANs, local wired network
- Video delivery
- Security : co-ordinated by Minister of Sport

As you might imagine, in Brazil, they are keen to learn from any companies with experience of delivering technology for the World Cup and/or Olympics.

As Paul mentioned, we are planning to showcase UK capability around Futurecom in Rio, so do have a look and consider this.

In addition, it would be good to have a further discussion to understand your experience and how this might help us present the UK strength in this area to the Brazilian organizations.

Nitin Dahad
Technology Specialist
UK Trade & Investment

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Gabriela Castro-Fontoura, on behalf of Sunny Sky Solutions in Uruguay.

Dear Saul
In addition to the above, there are some very specific LinkedIn groups on this matter, some with great input from UKTI.
All the best

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Kenny McQuarrie, on behalf of Yell in RG1.

Hi Gabriela,

LinkedIn is a great resource. Do you have any links to the groups you mention? I think these would be useful to Saul (and anyone else interested in this topic).

Kind regards,

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Gabriela Castro-Fontoura, on behalf of Sunny Sky Solutions in Uruguay.

Sure, there are many, many groups including
and many others.
One way of selecting which event-related groups to join is to see which groups your competitors and complementary businesses are participating in. Another way, and depending on what you want out of it, is to work out which have the most active decision-makers including buyers.

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Once you have established contacts through UKTI, you may wish to consider having someone on board who speaks fluent Portuguese and can help you build relationships with Brazilian companies so that you get to know your clients properly and to minimise the risk of communication "being lost in translation"

Give me a call if you wish to discuss this further

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