What should we know about Exporting into Europe

Question posted by Caroline Thomas

We are a small company selling children's toys, and recently we have been receiving orders from Europe. What should we be aware of with regard to paperwork / export charges into Europe?

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Hello Caroline,
Your question raises more questions before detailed assistance can be provided.
What is the country of manufacture / origin? What kind of volume? What kind of toys?

Toys have to meet rigorous standards concerning manufacture and performance / safety and evidence of certification is required at import to the EU. If selling within the EU certification is still required.

If importing from outside of the EU there will be import duty and VAT to pay and a shipping invoice or commercial invoice will be required. If items qualify for origin based preference duty can be reduced.

If selling from within the EU to another VAT registered company intrastats, ESL and VAT returns have to reflect the sale / goods movement

To discuss further please contact me directly enquiries@morley-consulting.co.uk or visit www.morley-consulting.co.uk

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Richard England, on behalf of Consulting for Export in WD3.

A good starting point for general information on safety legislation is: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/toys/

Also, well worth looking with regards to the European Toy Industry is http://www.tietoy.org/

I support the comments made by the previous responder regarding the types of toys, their origin, etc. Also, it raises the question whether your inquiries/orders are from registered importers/retailers or directly from members of the public within the EU. This will determine whether VAT needs to be included in your sales invoice or not. Selling outside of the EU is a different matter, so there are many questions which I am sure you have the answers to. The paper work required will differ accordingly.

Richard England

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Dear Caroline

The info given by Susan and Richard appears to be a good way to proceed. When you
are in a position to start shipping and need freight quotations please contact us directly
on email colin.crown@ntlworld.com or phone 01263 513127 and we will try our best
to help.
Best regards
Colin ; Crown Frt

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Hello Caroline

If you are looking for help and assistance in exporting in general, you should have a conversation with us at UK Trade and Investment. I am the International Trade Adviser covering Leisure and Sport in the South East of England and Alton is in my patch. I'd be happy to call by at a mutually convenient time to see how we could assist you in a number of different ways e.g. Strategic Approach to Export, Training on Logistics and Export Procedures, Overseas Market Research, Attending Overseas Exhibitions, Financial Support for Overseas Business Development Visits etc. If you would like to arrange an appointment you can get me on 07740 611218 or direct mail me at roger.figg@uktisoutheast.com.

Kind Regards


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