what are the rules regarding export of furniture with beech components to australia

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I would like to export furniture to australis which contains beech components what are the requirements re steriliastion & kilning

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Did you know there is a really useful free online database which tells you all the necessary export documentation paperwork required when exporting to a non eu country?
you will need to know your tarrif code or you can search for the code using keywords if you are unsure and the database takes you through the various customs, tax, and legal requirements for the country you are exporting to, for that particular product or in general.

If you are not sure how to use it, you can call your local Enterprise Europe Network team who will be very happy to take you through it: tel: 0844 259 8571, website: http://www.eenw.org/contact/

I hope this helps.
kind regards

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Dear Site user

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Colin , Crown freight

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Ryan Beck, on behalf of BF Projects Limited in BT3.

Hi How are you?

My name is Ryan from BF Projects in Belfast, Maybe i could be of service to you for exporting your furniture to Australia?

you can contact me at




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Joe Dodd, on behalf of UK Trade & Investment Australia in Australia.

The requirements for import of manufactured timber products for commercial use into Australia is as follows:

1. An Import Permit is not required.

2. Each consignment must be free of live insects, bark and other quarantine risk material prior to arrival in Australia.

3. Any packaging used with the consignment must be clean and new.

4. Any timber packaging and dunnage must comply with DAFF’s Non-Commodity Policy.

5. Where articles are less than 4mm in diameter (includes commodities such as toothpicks, matchsticks or skewers) the consignment may be released. Please note that this does not include tongue depressors or icy pole sticks.

6. All other consignments of manufactured wooden articles that have been treated offshore and are accompanied by an acceptable treatment or Phytosanitary certificate may be released on the presentation of documents. Acceptable treatments are:

a) Methyl bromide (T9047, T9075 or T9913);

b) Sulphuryl fluoride (T9090);

c) Heat treatment (T9912 or T9968);

d) Ethylene oxide (T9020); or

e) Permanent timber preservative treatment (T9987).

Note: Treatments a)-c) must be completed within 21 days of export. Methyl bromide and sulphuryl fluoride treatments must be completed before any surface coating has been applied to the goods.

You can see examples of the treatment documentation required at: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/import/general-info/co-reg/acceptable-docs

Best regards,

Joe Dodd
UKTI Melbourne

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