Trying to export breeding livestock throughout Europe?

Question posted by philip hall, on behalf of P J R HALL in GL9

I have a pedigree Boer goat herd and am trying yo export throughout Europe.
I am being told I have to have 3 years scrapie monitoring scheme approval by DEFRA.
I am being told by exporters in Europe this is wrong.
I need an expert to tell DEFRA as they will not listen to me as I do not know the facts well enough.
Any expert advice would be of use.

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dear Philip
I have asked your local Enterprise Europe Network in the South West to look into your enquiry.
You can contact them at 01275 370 997 or e-mail:

You may also be interested in the following EU consultation on meat origin labelling in Europe which you can feedback on

best wishes
Mathilde Murphy
Enterprise Europe Network

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Hello Philip,

I would be happy to look closer into your enquiry. Could you please let me know your contact details or contact me on 01275 370 813.

I will require more details on the other exporters' cases you are referring to in your enquiry, in order to investigate further. Alternatively you can email me on

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Sophie Varcin

Enterprise Europe Network South West

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Chris Jackson, on behalf of British Pig Association in CB2.

Philip, the information that you received from DEFRA is correct you will have to have been in the Scrapie monitoring scheme for 3 years before you can send to Europe This is an agreed protocol and applies to all potential exporters
The Export Certification User Group (ECUG) part of DEFRA or the AHVLA bassed in Carlisle will have the definitive answers for you Kind regards Chris

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Defra Users, on behalf of Defra in SW1P.

Dear Philip,

You will need to contact the the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) – please see their contact details below.

In order to export sheep and goats to states within the EU certain Scrapie monitoring requirements must be complied with. At present there are two methods by which these requirements can be met registration on the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme or following the
rules set out in: ‘Annex VIII of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 999/2001 as amended by Commission Regulation (EC) No. 876/2004.’

The AHVLA’s Specialist Service Centre for Exports in Carlisle is responsible for providing first hand advice on export enquiry involving animals or animal products. They will be able to provide details for these two methods, they can be contacted direct at: Hadrian House, Wavell Drive, Carlisle, CA1 2TB, Telephone: 01228 403600, Email:

Best wishes, Defra

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