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Question posted by Bruce Wilson, on behalf of TRINIUM (UK) LTD in M23

I understand that the Commodity Codes should have eight digits - so for example the Commodity Code for : “843141 Buckets, Shovels, Grabs and Grips” shows just six digits. Is this correct?

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Paul Hickey, on behalf of Mercator Cargo Systems Ltd in PO1.

Hi Bruce, the first six digits are supposed to be harmonised across all customs authorities, the code for the UK would be 843141 0000.
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Darren Playfoot, on behalf of ROCHARD SHIPPING LTD in KT15.

Dear Bruce,

Tariff codes in the main have 10 digits the full code being 843141 00 00. If you are importing the goods you would normally show the full code for your import entry and if you are exporting you normally only show the first 6 digits of the commodity on the export customs system.
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Best regards

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Fiona Johnson, on behalf of Vellag Ltd in SP3.

By my list it is 84314100
Best wishes
Fiona Johnson

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Yvonne Arnold, on behalf of Pentland Logistics Ltd in PO16.

Hi Bruce,
'Tariff' codes have ten digits for imports & eight digits for exports. To look up commodity codes visit and click on 'use trade tariff'
Enter part or all of your code and it will give you a full description.
Hope this helps, but if you need any thing further please feel free to contact me on 02392 375192 or
Kind regards

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Tony Brown, on behalf of UKTI North West in M17.

The number of digits will vary depending on the level of precision needed to define the product for the determination of import duty and may vary between 6 and 14 digits. The best way to check is to visit the TARIC database (this is the master source of codes for the EU), key in the digits you have, then look to see if there are any sub categories that would define the product better - not the case with your query as it gives the full code as 8431410000.

The codes are not totally harmonised across the world; the EU codes vary slightly from those used in the US or India for example. You will find that the first four digits are almost 100% harmonised, but at the 6 digit level of precision only about 95% harmonised, so worth checking if trading outside the EU.

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