Must I register my product in Togo before I can export it to Togo?

Question posted by Robert Adewunmi, on behalf of Redefined Global Concept ltd in HA3

I recently received inquiry to supply agricultural products to Togo but I am being told that I have to first register the product in Togo via a law firm before I can supply can anyone please advice or is there a service being offered by the UKTI that could assist me please?

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Try contacting:-

The French Consulate General is the representive of Togo in the United Kingdom.

Consulate of France in London, United Kingdom

21 Cromwell road
United Kingdom
SW7 2 EN
Website URL:

Kind regards.

Syed Umor Ali

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Fiona Johnson, on behalf of Vellag Ltd in SP3.

I supply agricultural equipment to my clients in Africa. I have a lot of enquiries from Togo and one forged cheque for an order that was to be airfreighted "urgently". There is a scam running in Nigeria where you are asked to quote for a large amount of equipment for a short notice delivery. Then you are told you must register with the import board which costs $2,000. This is nonsense and I would suspect your enquiry from Togo is trying a similar thing with you.

Best regards
Fiona Johnson

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Darren Playfoot, on behalf of ROCHARD SHIPPING LTD in KT15.

Dear Robert,

Please also look at the below website which may be of assistance, which is for the Ministry of Commerce, Agriculture & Industy Togo. Please also note that if you get to the stage of exporting your products, a cargo tracking note will be required, adn I woudl be ahppy to quote you for your shipments in the future.
Best regards

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Thank you all for your various responses which are all very helpful. I must admit that the response from Fiona Johnson is exactly my initial take and still is to some extent. But the response from Darren Playfoot with the website detailing that a registration is in did required otherwise product is confiscated now makes me wonder if in fact it could be real.

Once again thank you all for your responses.



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Darren Playfoot, on behalf of ROCHARD SHIPPING LTD in KT15.

Dear Robert,

Trust you are well, not sure if got any further with your enquiry, but if you are it may be worth contacting the following offices directly for further advice.

British Commercial Office:
Concession OTAM
Rue de Canaris
Be Chateau
BP 9224
Lomé BP 13956
Tel: 00 228 2222714
Fax: 00 228 274207

Chamber(s) of Commerce
Chambre de Commerce, d’Agriculture et d’Industrie de Togo
Angle Avenue de la Presidence – Avenue Georges Pompidou
BP 360
Tel: 00 228 221 2065/7065
Tel: 00 228 223 2900
Fax: 00 228 221 4730

Trust of assistance

Best regards

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William Fugard, on behalf of Gusto Organic Ltd in NW10.

we have recently had a scam attempted on us from Togo, a big order (20 foot container) a bank transfer from an unfeasible looking bank that have a wonky email address:

Banque Togolaise de Dveloppement [BTD]
Angel Avenues Des Nimes et Nicolas Grunitzky. B.P. 65, Lome
Republic Of Togo
Phone: +228 813606709 Fax: +228 221 4456

The scam is an easy one to spot, they use dodgy emails, gmail or yahoo, then you recieve a note asking for a fee to allow importation from a pseudo govt department, the government department sent from a Russian dating site website so in no way credible.

The gentleman who tried to scam us:

From: Orient Int'l Company
Address: No.105 Rue Be Kpota
Republic Of Togo
Phone: +228 9036 0919
Fax: +228 222 0189

Dear Sir,
We are highly interested on your product and willing to be importing it regularly in large quantity, provided if the price is reasonable.

In this regard, kindly send us your website and the price list of your product, for our order.

best regard
Mr. Tom Ike [Director]

I wrote to the consul general in Togo and had this very useful and perceptive response:

Dear Mr. Fugard,

There is no problem contacting me, I have many requests like this and I am happy to be of assistance.

Generally the enquires sent from here like this for large quantities of products are fraudulent,
Since the language of commerce here is French any English messages are sent by people from Anglophone Countries like Nigeria and Ghana.

Companies registered here are either Ets. ( Establishment ) or SARL ( Limited ). As this does not fall into either category you might ask them to send you a copy of the Carte Operateur Economique, a requirement for all companies operating here legally.

I hope this helps.

Rodney Wade
Rodney C. Wade
British Hon Consul to Togo

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