Looking for used car buyers in africa LHD

Question posted by Awais Mirza, on behalf of Hanco in Saudi Arabia

I would like to export used cars (2-3 years old with full service history) From Saudi Arabia to Africa.

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Gemma Price, on behalf of @GemmaPriceUK in W13.

Hi Awais

Open to Export is a platform designed to help UK based companies interact and ultimately export their products globally, therefore you may not find the assistance you were hoping for here.

Without knowing more about your business it would be difficult to point you in a useful direction, however I will just add that it may be worth being more specific with your desired market. All African countries have entirely different importation requirements, for example pre-shipment inspections, pre-import verification/declarations etc.

If you plan to sell the cars to consumers you may wish to advertise them on one of the many African used car websites:


I hope this helps and good luck with your new venture.

Kind regards


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If you want to export used cars to Africa I will help you market them provided you ship them to Nigeria where used cars are of high demand.
I will appreciate to do business with you if you are interested. If you want importation requirements of used cars to Nigeria don't hesitate to let me know.


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