Long Reach Sealant Gun Distributors

Question posted by Jason Jones, on behalf of JJ Premier Tools Ltd. in CA11

We are looking for wholesale distributors to retail our innovative 'long reach sealant guns'. Sales of the products are very successful in Australia/New Zealand, USA/Canada through our distributors in these territories.
We are offering the good wholesale prices so the right profit can be made from your investment.

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Kenny Legg, on behalf of UK Trade & Investment Germany in Germany.

Dear Jason,

UK Trade & Investment would be able to undertake some research on your behalf to research potential distributors. This would be done on a commercial basis through the Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) - http://www.ukti.gov.uk/export/howwehelp/overseasmarketintroductionservice.html

Please do review the service and contact me if you feel you wish to proceed. Similarly you could also contact your local UKTI office on 0845 603 7053 or info@uktinorthwest.co.uk for support in other markets.

Best regards,

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