Labelling requirements for Vitamins supplements

Question posted by Tracey Long, on behalf of DTP Europe Ltd in NG6

How can I find out the labelling requirements for Vitamins supplements to be exported into Russia and Spain?

Also what would the VAT status be for vitamin supplements in Spain? As general VAT is 21% but for food it's 10% and I am unsure how vitamins are classified in Spain.

Any advise would be most welcome.


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Hi Tracey,

You could try contacting UKTI in Spain and Russia:

UKTI Madrid
Tel: +00 34 917 146 412 / +44 (0)20 7215 5000 (for local call rate transfer)

Rufina Baybulatova
Trade & Investment Adviser, UKTI Russia
Tel +7(495) 956 7312

If you need any help on the language side of things, feel free to let me know!

Bets of luck with it!


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Mike Hunter, on behalf of Ltd. in Nottingham.

Hi Tracey

You need specialist compliance advice for the two markets for the labelling aspects, Spain will have broadly similar requirements to the UK, but Russia has a complex and very different legal framework. Happy to discuss further.

Kindest regards


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dear Mike
I have asked your local Enterprise Europe Network team in Nottingham to get in touch with you about this. They should be able to help you regarding Spain.
You can also get in touch with them directly at Nottingham Chamber of Commerce:

Kind regards
Mathilde Murphy

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Dear Tracy,

Labels on packaging of dietary supplements (vitamin supplements fall under this category of products) sold in Russia should contain:

• name of the supplement;
• trademark of the manufacturer ( if available);
• composition of dietary supplements , indicating the composition of ingredients in decreasing order by weight or percentage terms;
• information on basic consumer properties of the supplement;
• information about the weight or volume of dietary supplements by consumer packaging unit, and weight or volume by unit of the product;
• information on contraindications for use in certain types of diseases;
• indication that dietary supplement is not a medicine;
• manufacturing date , expiration date or the date of the deadline for the sale of products;
• storage condition;
• information on the state registration of supplement including the registration number and date;
• address and name of the manufacturer (vendor) and the address and phone number of the organisation authorised by the manufacturer (vendor) to accept claims from customers.

The use of the term "environmentally friendly product" on the label of dietary supplements, as well as the use of other terms that have no legal and scientific justification, is not allowed.

Recommendations for the use of dietary supplements should be made on the basis of experimental studies and clinical trials of dietary supplements and contain information about the dosage of dietary supplements, recommended course of intake, contraindications and side effects.

Our Trade Advisors will be happy to help you should you have any other questions.

Kind regards,


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Dear Tracey,

I answer on the behalf of Albion and this is only with regards to Russia.

First of all it is not clear from the question if Vitamins supplements are supposed for human or animal use? Because it is big difference for labelling.

In case of vitamins for human, you should address this question to the Ministry of Health Care. I am almost certain that the product should go through registration and as a part of the process their label will be created by people who help them with this registration.

Labelling for document regulation exists and I am sure it is available on the Ministry site or other official state organizations web sites. but it will also definitely be in the Russian language.
In the case of vitamins for animals, the same should be done but in Ministry of agriculture. BUT it refers only for animals which are in human food chain.

Kind Regards,


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