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Question posted by Geetha L, on behalf of GeethaExports in India

I am all new to this world of Export and would like to know where to start and what to start with. What are the policies that are need to be read and satisfied when i start an export. I am not specific about a country, but wanted to start with the easy one.
Do i need to show some certificate?.

Would be useful if I have insight into this business.


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You can look on line at the HMRC web site which has information regarding export

The procedures required and the documents required will differ depending on the product you are exporting, the reason you are exporting, the destination you are exporting to and your customer's requirements.

You may find it helpful to obtain some training if you are intending to get involved in export.
There are many providers with a variety of offerings, again take a look on the internet.

You may also like to look at my website for some ideas.


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