I would like to know about the potential of trading between iran and morocco ?

Question posted by MOSTAFA HAJIVALI, on behalf of SENTON in Iran

Any importer or exporter did it before to share the experience with me? It is because of in Iran ,we have huge potential to support the market in all of the world especially for oil and gas.

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Dear Mostafa,

Thank you for your question.

Open to Export is a web service for UK companies who need help doing business overseas. With this in mind, you may not get the answers you are looking for from this community.

You might find it helpful to contact the Moroccan embassey in Tehran. They could give you some advice. The contact details can be found via this link.




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I hope you are well.
Not sure about the regulations of exporting from Iran to Morocco.
I am Moroccan based in UK. I am very interested in cooperation with you. I will try to get you the right contacts you need, but first I will have to check the regulations of such trades. Please get in touch to discuss further. My email is trguila@yahoo.com.


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