How do i legally export lead bullet heads, a component of amunition to countries in Europe and Australia and the USA where ther is a growing demand for my product?

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I am a small company, where as yet turn over is small. I am however gaining interest from Europe and further a field for my products. I cast lead bullets, and have began in a small way via my web site selling in the UK. I am slowly building up the business and I am starting to gain a good customer return and recommendation. As I sell via a web site only I have had interest expressed in my products from Europe and more recently the USA and Australia. The Australian interest seems very promising and I have been asked to provide samples for testing. Problem is I am only use to sending goods in the domestic market. I need to know, how to send my product overseas legally, and having secured all the relative documentation for doing so who do I use to send the goods. Any help would be appreciated as I see a good opportunity to expand my small humble business and take it to the next level, which requires me to export overseas and to mainland Europe.