Help wanted with book review

Question posted by Roger Frampton, on behalf of ExportAction in Clearwater, Florida, USA

In response to an evident demand from UK SMEs, our company is working on the publication of a book to cover as many aspects as possible on the subject of exporting products and services to the USA.

We are looking for UK SMEs to review a pre-publication draft of the book. All we offer in exchange is a first edition copy of the (currently 136 page with subjects ranging from “Accountant” to “Wyoming”) book, which will include a published acknowledgement of our appreciation of reviews.

We are looking for suggestions, recommended pricing, corrections, typographical errors... and we are aiming to send the final draft for printing on November 21, 2013.

If you, or anyone you know, would be prepared to review our book, please contact me.

Thank you


PS No sales executive will call or contact you.

Roger Frampton