Firearms Export to Belgium

Question posted by David Clareboets, on behalf of DP Arms in NN9

We have a client in Belgium that wishes to purchase a 1889 Fn Mauser Rifle from us.
My understanding is that because this rifle is more than 100 years old is is not subject to any restictions in Belgium and is classified as antique
However this rifle is subject to UK Firearms law and as such is included on the DP Arms firearms register, do we require a export licence to export to Belgium to document the removal from the firearms register ?
If this is required how do we obtain the export licence ?

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Mike Josypenko, on behalf of The Institute of Export in PE2.

UK Export licencing issues are handled by the Export Control Office (ECO), which is part of BIS.
ECO can provide advice on your export control query. You can contact the BIS ECO Helpline on 020 7215 4594 or by email on

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Peter Erftemeijer, on behalf of Mot Juste in E1W.

I had a similar problem with sending antique firearms from the UK to the Netherlands. Having such a weapon was legal in both countries. However, crossing the border required a license. This was 10 years ago, so you should check with UK Border Agency.

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You need to first identify what category the firearm falls under. If it is listed, it will need a licence. Here is a link to the lists:

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Guidance on the export of firearms is published on the GOV.UK website. See:

This guidance is issued by the Export Control Organisation (ECO) within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

You will have to apply for a licence (either an Open General Export Licence or a Standard Individual Export Licence) from ECO even if the items are historic military goods.

The most flexible licensing option is to register for the OGEL (Historic Military Goods) which allows - subject to certain conditions - the export of historic military goods from the UK or any other European Union (EU) member state, where the exporter is established in the UK, providing the goods are worth less than £35,000 and were manufactured before 1897.

You need to meet all the terms and conditions of the OGEL before registering to use this licence via SPIRE -
To check conditions before registering for the licence you can use ECO's OGEL Checker -

If you cannot meet all the conditions then you will have to apply for a SIEL from ECO via SPIRE.

You might also need to apply for a separate licence for cultural goods issued by the Arts Council (links are in the above guide).

ECO's helpline for further information is 020 7215 4594 or

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