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Question posted by Dean Wyllie, on behalf of D W Logistics in CF72

Hallo, can anyone steer me towards useful information with regard to exporting to Zimbabwe, and in view of that country's Indigenisation Programme, would it make more sense whether to export as a UK company with my physical presence either in UK OR Zimbabwe or to import as a Zimbabwe-registered company, again, with my physical presence either in UK OR Zimbabwe?

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Hello Dean,
Wherever you are exporting to there has to be an exporter of record and an importer of record.
These can be individuals or companies. Companies can handle tax more efficiently particularly for import.

As a company if you don't have a physical presence you can instruct a company such as an accountant to act as a fiscal representative on your behalf.


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JIM GREEN, on behalf of SPI FREIGHT in TW17.

Feel free to contact me if you need quotations to facilitate the physical movements whether by air or sea
Director of Sales

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Darren Thomas, on behalf of Simpex Freight Management in LS15.

Good afternoon.

Please feel free to contact me for any worldwide freight movements (FCL/LCL)

We also have daily departures from the UK to Europe for any full or part load trailers.

Best regards.

Darren Thomas Business Development Manager
Tel: 0113 3970 461
Mob: 07979140007
Email: darren.thomas@simpexfm.com

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Hello Dean

The Indigenisation Programme should not affect your ability to import goods into Zimbabwe. As Susan said, there has to be an exporter of record and an importer of record, and ideally the importer should be a local company/person. You should focus on he exporting and find a local company to do the importing for you.

I guess it all depends on what you want to do with the goods once they are in Zimbabwe.

Crispen Sachikonye
Email: ideas@sachikonye.com

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