Exporting food from the UK

Question posted by James P, on behalf of Sybaritic Ltd in HP13


We have a full range of truffle products and fresh truffles available for export:


We looking to connect with importers / international customers.

Any help would be appreciated.

James Painter
Director, Sybaritic Ltd

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we produce Truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil - naturally flavoured - v top quality from Spain,

we too are trying to get into china - when you find out - tell me!!!!

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HI James,

You may have it covered already but you may have to label each individual item with a translation, in the local language, of the ingredients list or BBD label (or maybe both). Currently we undertake this work for a number of companies that export their products but just a brief overview we can supply, print. apply and re-wrap / re-package and load containers. i would be more than happy to discuss this process with you and see if there is anything else we can help with.

kind regards, Mark Nineham

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Hi James,
I recommend getting in touch with your local Chamber of commerce or with our international contacts on exportbritain.org.uk
Export Britain

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Sue Copas, on behalf of Sue Copas in EH2.

Hello James

As a professional translation agency, we offer translation services in all languages.

Kind regards
Sue Copas
Verbatim Services Ltd

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Peter Beech, on behalf of TorFX in TR18.


Many of my customers use LinkedIn as a great way to connect simply and either free or with a limited monthly budget. There are many groups that you can join that are either product or country specific and have helpful forums where people share experiences, contacts, pitfalls and success stories.

If I can be of any assistance with managing your foreign exchange risk then please feel free to give me a call. 01736 334695

All the Best

Peter Beech

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Dear James,

I may know a few restaurants here in Bucharest that are using truffles (no idea where they buy from now). Do you want us to run a quick market research for you to identify opportunities?

Let me know on richard.reese@brcconline.eu.


Richard Reese
British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (www.brcconline.eu)
email: richard.reese@brcconline.eu
tel: +40 722 587 385

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I work for UK Trade and Investment in the South East region. We support British companies in international trade development in many different ways. If you would like to find out how we might be able to assist you in your efforts to sell overseas, I would happily call by next time I am in the High Wycombe area. Let me know if you would like me to do that. In the meantime, take a look at the link below, which describes the different GREAT weeks that we organise. Plenty of opportunities here for British food and drink companies who are interested in getting into overseas markets of opportunity.


Kind Regards

Roger Figg

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