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Question posted by Karin Michel, on behalf of made-in-sicily.com in Italy

Dear community,
I would like to export vegan products to China.
The company I present has a certificate but heard that this certificate is not in compliance with China.
What do we have to do ?
How much does it cost ?

Thank you for a reply.

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Gemma Price, on behalf of @GemmaPriceUK in W13.

Hi Karin

Open to Export is a platform designed to help UK based companies interact and ultimately export their products globally, therefore you may not find the assistance you were hoping for here.

You may wish to contact your local Chamber of Commerce in Italy to access local expertise and find answers to your question:


The European Commission Export Helpdesk provides support and guidance to EU exporters on tariffs, requirements, preferential arrangements, quotas and statistics:


A good Italian freight forwarder will also be able to assist you with this matter:


I would personally recommend Kuehne + Nagel as they have offices in Italy & China:

KN: Kuehne and Nagel
Via del Commercio, 2
20080 Calvignasco
T: +39 02 908461
F: +39 02 90846287
E: monica.coraini@kuehne-nagel.com
W: www.kn-portal.com

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


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Hello Karin,
You do not say what kind of certificate your products have.

In order to import food into countries you will have to meet their standards for that particular type of food. This will require listings of composition, processing undertaken, hygiene, packaging, marking according to local rules and usually in the local language etc.

An additional issue will be the definition of 'vegan' and how this is certified in the Chinese market place.

Chinese requirements will be available for you to match - try looking at this database http://madb.europa.eu/madb/indexPubli.htm or contacting your embassy or chamber of commerce in China.

I hope this helps,

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